Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ECR Hanky Panky's 'younger' sister makes an impact

9-year-old ECR Princess Nicki and day-old ECR Slash.

My oldest Kiko doe, ECR Princess Nicki, is also my last Nick (Sunboy Stanton 149) daughter still living. She turned 9 on February 7 and became a momma for the eighth year in a row on Feb. 22. This is the first year that she had a single instead of twins. Last year it was twin boys; the year before that twin girls. Nicki’s dam was JTV Queen, a JTV Klondike daughter that I bought from Jacque & Terri Valley’s JTV Kikos in Athens, Texas, in 1999.

Nicki’s is an interesting story. She was actually conceived — became a fertilized embryo — in the summer of 2005. When we did our embryo flush that year, we ran out of recip does, so we had to freeze her and put her in the tank for a year.  We implanted her into a recip doe in late summer 2006 and she was born here in our pasture in 2007. She has been here producing for us ever since.

Her flushmate sister that we did implant in 2005 was ECR Hanky Panky, who went on to become our best-known doe after ECR Gloria. Hanky Panky went to Bill and Brenda Moore of BBM Kikos when she was weaned — that was the stud fee they received for letting me use Nick. They flushed Hanky Panky three times to three different bucks that you’ve probably heard of: Sports Kat, ECR Rusty and TAY Onyx (frozen semen).

When Bill and Brenda retired, I brought ECR Hanky Panky back to Egypt Creek Ranch. We also brought her Onyx son, BBM Hanky Panky’s Y266 with us; he is owned by Rittenhouse Kikos and has produced performance-proven bucks for them and for ECR   (http://egyptcreekranch.com/performance-testing.php).  ECR Hanky Panky also is the mother of our ECR Rusty son, ECR Rusty’s Rambo.

But this story is supposed to be about Nicki — not Hanky Panky. Although she is Hanky Panky’s full sister, Nicki never got the recognition like her famous sister. Because Nicki was born a year later, Hanky Panky was having babies by the petri dish full while Nicki was still nursing. Also, Nicki is white while Hanky Panky was a beautiful gray with dark trim. People remember color.

Nicki has well earned her keep here. She has produced some feminine yet big-framed does and some powerful bucks. We retained one of her buck kids from last year, ECR  Powerstroke, as a replacement sire. And her new buck kid, ECR Slash, looks promising. Already, we consider Nicki a Doe of Distinction. She will always have a home at Egypt Creek Ranch.

 This video is of Nicki's son Powerstroke meeting his first does last fall.

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