Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Breeding season in full swing on Egypt Creek

We began some limited breeding in August but this week we gathered up the main herds, sorted out the does and put them with bucks.

BHF's 3rd 'G' Traveler. He doesn't win any beauty contests,
but his offspring sure could — both boys and girls.

SRK Percival (TAY Onyx and ECR Rusty genetics).
Percival and these does are part of the Rittenhouse Kikos herd.

ECR Pharaoh
(ECR Rusty son with Onyx and Nick genetics on the bottom).

ECR Rusty's Rambo (Rusty x ECR Hanky Panky-Nick daughter).

ECR Spartacus (3rd G Traveler x BBM Vicky-Nick daughter)

ECR Xcalibur (double-bred Xcelerator) with our
high-percentage Kiko commercial does.