Saturday, September 29, 2012

Multi-tasking on Saturday morning

This is the fourth and final pen of does we worked this weekend.
Over the past 2 days we have gone through every doe and buck on the ranch checking for parasites or any other problems. We also pulled out all the goats that we are consigning to the Cream of the Crop Kiko Production Sale next Saturday, Oct. 6, in Corydon, Ind. (For more information on the sale and the ECR consignments, click on the link at the top right of this page.)

Although it has been dry this summer, the goats have thrived. The adult does have regained body condition, and the February and March doelings look like yearlings almost. Out of the pen full of goats pictured above, only one needed deworming. 

We pulled these does out of the pasture; they are
consigned to the Cream of the Crop Sale.

Rudee Lee gets her nails done by Roland McAvoy
before she heads for her sale debut in Corydon, Ind.,
next weekend.