Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kiko does that made an impact at ECR

Sunkist 113 in 2001 with her set of quads out of Goldmine II.

We talk a lot about our bucks but Egypt Creek Ranch has been fortunate enough to have some great foundation does. We started with Gloria's mother, Sunkist 113. She was a Moneymaker daughter and our first 100% New Zealand doe. The next New Zealand does we purchased were two Klondike daughters: JTV Queen and JTV Nina (Rusty's mom). We purchased these three does in 1999 and their genetics are still a big part of our breeding program today.

ECR Gloria and ECR Abigail (Sport Kat daughter)
(Both of these does are deceased)

JTV Queen, mother of ECR M4, Nicki and Hanky Panky. She's pictured here

pregnant at 8 years old. She died later after giving birth to twins.

Super Star Lineup (clockwise from far right): BBM Vicky T728,
ECR Hanky Panky, ECR Princess Nicki, BBM Vanna T718 and
BBM Nick's Gloria W952. Hanky Panky died from childbirth
complications in 2011, shortly after Maximus was born. 
When our friends Bill & Brenda Moore of BBM Kikos dispersed their herd several years ago, we brought our partnership does home to Mississippi. They include the BBM does listed here, plus Vanna's sister BBM Nicky, who had to be put down after a dog attack. This year Nick's Gloria (probably the youngest Nick x Gloria daughter alive) had twin does; Vicky had twin boys who are full brothers to our replacement buck Spartacus; and Vanna had a single doeling. 
Vanna (left) and Vicky. Both are Nick daughters. Vanna's mom is
TAY W26 and Vicky's mom is TAY W27. 
This year's crop of Nick granddaughters.

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