Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Here's a slick trick for unsticking a pup's head

Usually it's a goat's head that I have to get unstuck out of a fence. This time it was a guardian dog puppy. Somehow he managed to get his big head through a 4 x 4 gate panel. Nothing seemed to work and I didn't want to cut the panel, so I poured vegetable oil on his head to get it all greased up. Then I grabbed his back legs and worked his body and head back and forth. It didn't take much effort for the head to slide out. And the pup's littermate enjoyed cleaning his head off. That vegetable oil was a real treat!

This puppy's head is firmly stuck in the gate.
First, grease it up with vegetable oil.
Once the head was greased up, a little backward pressure finally freed his head.