Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Custom-made ornaments will add special touch to Christmas tree

Ornaments with the images of ECR Rusty (left) and Iron Horse were
handcrafted from the photos on the catalog cover, pictured here.

A closeup of the Rusty ornament. The image is engraved
on a gourd then hand-painted.

While visiting one of the vendor booths at last month’s Cream of the Crop Kiko sale in Corydon, Ind., I noticed a display of Christmas ornaments engraved with goat artwork. One particular ornament really caught my attention because it looked just like my buck ECR Rusty. As I looked closer, I discovered it was Rusty! And there next to it was an ornament decorated with another famous Kiko buck, Iron Horse. 

I soon learned that the ornaments had been engraved by Pam Jones of Legacy Keepers Farm in Hazleton, Ind. She had used the cover of the Cream of the Crop catalog as a guide for duplicating the likenesses of the two bucks. Pam was recovering from surgery and was not able to be there, but her table was well-manned by her energetic daughter Jaime. 

After the sale was over and she was packing up, Jaime presented me with the Rusty ornament as a gift and also gave Dave and Linda Sparks the Iron Horse ornament. I guarantee these ornaments will have permanent spots on our Christmas trees. 

Pam custom makes these ornaments, working from a photo of your goat or other animal and charges only $20. She has a variety of other handmade items available. Pam says there is still plenty of time before Christmas if anyone would like to place an order. She can be contacted at home 812-784-4104 or cell 812-385-6877. Her website is