Thursday, April 26, 2012

Downed tree brings bounty from above

We were in the office working yesterday morning when we heard this loud crash outside. At the same time, I heard the guard dog puppies squeal. A big sugar berry tree had blown over just down hill from the Goat Rancher office (which is located in the old farm house here on the ranch). The tree didn't hit anything; the puppies had just been startled and were hiding underneath the barn.

It wasn't until late yesterday afternoon when the goats began coming in from the pasture that they found the feast of leaves waiting for them. Everyone gorged themselves. I was afraid someone might get sick, but this morning there seem to be no ill effects. Just lots of happy goats who didn't bother to go out to graze. They're hanging out around the tree grabbing a leafy snack whenever they get the urge.
After feasting on the tree yesterday afternoon and this morning,
the goats have decided to just camp out here for awhile.

A ditch had washed out around the base of the tree loosening
the roots. The strong winds yesterday gave it a final push.

See the black & white doe in the tree? You can tell where the 
goats cleaned the leaves as high as they could reach from the
ground. Now they are starting to work their way up the branches.

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