Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where're the ear tags?

These are some of the several dozen kids born in what I refer to as my "back pasture". This is where my commercial herd spends the winter. This herd consists of mostly unregistered, high-percentage Kikos and a few registered percentage Kikos. These goats are great examples of low-maintenance.  These kids have never been touched by human hands. Normally I at least catch and tag them as soon as I can after they are born, but this year family and business obligations have taken up more time than usual. I've taken a few notes on some of the does, but I have yet to tag any of the kids. Some years I have gone out and tagged all the kids and figured out later who belonged to whom. With this group tho, some will be registered as 50% Kikos and some as 75% -- and they will need different colored tags. I'll have to find an opportunity to see which kids belong to which dam before I can determine their percentage and what color tag they will need. The colored kids in this photo are out of ECR Rusty, our best-known herdsire. The white kids are out of ECR Xtender, a CCR Xcelerator son. You can see the meat on those Xcelerator grandkids already.

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