Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moving to new pasture

The goat herd runs into a new pasture filled with fresh grass.

Over the weekend I noticed the goats had made a good dent in their paddock. All the does and kids are running together now, so they can consume a good bit of forage in a day's time. Also, the pasture that has been sitting idle had grass so tall, it was starting to fall over and get ruined.

So Sunday afternoon I opened the gates so the goats could wonder into a new paddock. They found the open gates pretty quickly so there was a flood of goats into the new pasture. As usual, however, small groups of goats got left behind. I had to get a feed bucket yesterday and walk through the paddocks until I finally got all the goats, mommas and babies, etc., all in one group.

I didn't check this morning, but I hope they are still all together. 

There's a regular smorgasbord of grasses available.

This pasture has been idle for only about 30 days
but the grass is around a foot deep in most places.


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