Friday, May 20, 2011

Goats for sale

These are some of our "Nick" daughters. They aren't for sale,
but I do have a few of their bucks kids available.
I am fortunate to have several daughters out of Sunboy Stanton 149, better known as "Nick". Although these are keeper does, I do sell their offspring on occasion. This year I have four bucks available out of these does. I will have more details available later, but you can get a glimpse of them by clicking on the GOATS FOR SALE tab at the top right of my blog. I hope to update and list more goats for sale in the next week or so.

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  1. Hello,
    We've read the Goat Rancher magazine for about 3 years now and read every issue cover to cover. In your magazine was where we first heard about the Kiko breed, and finally got tired of reading about this wonder breed and fianlly decided to go see some in real life. So we went to herd an hour from us, and got to see them today. First let me say that how much more fragil they looked compared to our Boers shocked us. But as we watched a kid out of a set of quads that was 2#s at birth fight with it's siblings for milk we relized that they weren't that fragil after all. I fell in love with a little orange and white one and my daughter likes a nice white doeling, so I have a feeling that next kidding season we'll have some little Kiko kids right along side the fullblood Boers. Thank you for all the wonderful information your magazine provides!
    ~Madessa's Menagerie~