Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Kiko kid has unusual 'eye makeup'

This 100% New Zealand buck kid is white with gray
 ears and rump and vertical red streaks across his eyes.
This is one of the most unusual looking kids I've seen lately. He's light colored but has brown vertical streaks on his eyes, almost like eye makeup. The streaks are the only dark color on him.

I wasn't sure who he was for a few days. We saw him by himself in the big pasture one day, didn't see him at all the next day, then saw him alone again the third day. It wasn't until the fourth day that we saw him and his mother together. She had been leaving him in the sagebrush each day to go out and eat. Finally, she started letting him follow her around.

That's the way I like my goats. Get out there and have your babies and when you decide you want to show them off, then come find me. Otherwise, don't bother me.
The mother is light brown with vertical white stripes
on her face. It's almost like the kid is a reverse image
of the mother, light colored face with dark vertical stripes.

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