Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mild weather has mixed blessings

Thick green grass is growing in many areas. This photo was taken on Jan. 29.
This has been a crazy winter here in northwest Mississippi. First, we got two snows in November and now we've had milder than normal temperatures. I've got green grass and spring flowers popping up everywhere. The goats have enjoyed the fresh grass but weather this mild can cause problems come summertime. With no really freezing weather, the fire ants seem ready to come out in full force and we've even had a few mosquitoes on the back porch. With no real winter to set them back, I'm afraid a whole host of pests, including most goat parasites, will be a challenge this year.

These jonquils were blooming at the end of January. Do
you know the difference between jonquils, daffofils and

Fire ant hills are starting to pop up. Normally you
get a good freeze this time of year to help kill back
the fire ant population.

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  1. We've been experiencing those warm temps too down south of you. We've also been getting a lot of rain the past couple of weeks which has caused a pretty good bit of "greening-up" around here. I just hope this doesn't mean our summer will be long and hot without spring even stopping by.