Monday, April 18, 2011

It hurts!

This 100% NZ ECR Rusty son favors his left
leg after his pneumonia vaccination.
The pneumonia vaccine we use is rough on the kids and grown goats alike. They will limp on whichever shoulder the shot is given and most will go off feed for a day. They look and act pitiful, but the 24 hours' of misery they go through is well worth it (to me, anyway) for the protection they get from the disease. 

The correct term for the vaccination and the disease is actually pasturella instead of pneumonia. Our heat and high humidity here in the Deep South make pasturella a real killer in the summer time. We began the vaccinations about 7 years ago and rarely experience a death from respiratory infections. If the goats breathe easier, they grow better — and that makes me breathe easier.

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