Friday, April 29, 2011

Counting our blessings

Grayson, almost 3, waits for Pawpaw to finish taking 
photos and give him a ride, while Landon, background, 
takes a spin in the mudhole.
I was planning to run photos of the downed trees on our farm, one of which took out a section of goat fence. But after witnessing all the damage in other parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia, I decided my damage was insignificant in comparison. Instead, I'm counting my blessings today that my farm and family are still in one piece. I can fix my fence; loved ones can never be replaced.

Our prayers go out to the hundreds of people who lost homes, businesses and family members to the devastating tornadoes that crashed through our region this week. Hug your children, play with the grandkids and thank God you still have them to hold.

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