Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tattooing goats

My herd prefix is ECR (Egypt Creek Ranch). For registration
purposes, most registries require the herd prefix in the right
ear and the tag number and year code in the left. Until 
get comfortable with the process, you might want to tattoo
a piece of paper first to make sure all your letters and numbers
are in the correct order.
The first step is to apply the tattoo ink. I like the paste in
the little green tube. Green ink works best in most situations.
Line the tattoo up between the veins and squeeze. Don't
pay any attention to the goat screaming. They get over
the shock and pain pretty quick.
I scrub the tattoo site with a toothbrush to get the ink down
into the needle holes.

I then wipe off the excess ink. This helps keep the goat
from getting ink all over itself, but more importantly, it helps
keep the goat from getting ink all over me later.
A perfect tattoo that will last a lifetime!

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