Monday, March 25, 2019

Meet Sydell truck along route and get free shipping

Sydell's March Newsletter

We at Sydell hope all our customers have survived or are still surviving the lambing and kidding season with great success.

We will be coming thru Missouri and Mississippi on our way to Mississippi April 2nd, we will be coming down hwy 71 due to the flooding and getting on I-70 and going across to St. Louis, MO then down to Batesville, MS on I-55. If you meet the truck on this route, the freight would be free, just call us at 800-842-1369 and say you want to meet the truck when coming thru for the Mississippi Show and we will arrange it for you. Please call as soon as possible as we will be loading the truck the end of this week. We appreciate your business,

Sydell's March 2019 Specials are:
1. #1013-2 2 pack of our popular 25 lb. mineral feeders. $59.40 Click To View Product 
2.  #201-2 2 pack of poly hay grain feeders with brackets $216.00 Click to View Product
3.  #994-System "D" $2,529.00 Click to View Product
4.  #650-(10) 10 pack of 650 panels $1,165.50 Click to View Product
5.  #780 Hydraulic Stand with wheels $544.50  Click to View Product
6.  #1006-500 pound digital scale with stainless steel deck $445.50  Click to View Product

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APRIL 4-6, 2019

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Featured Product
#812-Small Square Bale Feeder .

   A great way to feed your small square bales. The sheet metal on the bottom helps to reduce hay wastage. 24" x 24" x 42" 
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